Making Connections


I am located in the Carolinas. Specifically Charlotte. Right there near the SC/NC border, so you might catch me in others parts of the two states like Greensboro, Raleigh, Charleston, and Columbia.

When traveling, I get up to Washington DC and New York City sometimes. Haven’t been to Atlanta as much as I’d like, but I plan to change that. But keep in mind, I’ll come anyplace if you want to have a dinner date, overnight, or even something longer!

How to Meet

Just, yanno, make an intro. Tell me you want to meet. Let me know I’m pretty and I’m amusing 🙂 I’ll ask you some questions, we’ll collaborate on the details and go from there.

$800: 1 Hours
$1400: 2 Hours
$2000: 3 Hours
$2400: 4 Hours